World Expo Venezuela Sustainable 2015

Grupo Carrillo companies, Cuadro a Cuadro 3000 Producciones, C.A. And Ecovision 1st Ecological Channel of Venezuela, were organizers of the first exhibition and congress of the country dedicated to the environment and sustainable development.

The World Sustainable Venezuela 2015 Expo and its World Congress on Green Citizens was the country’s most important sustainable development event, attended by more than 100 exhibitors, inspiring ideas, entertainment, conferences, trends in ecology, workshops and shows in alive. It took place in the Convention Center Hotel Hesperia WTC Valencia.

It was presented, as the platform for the exchange of national and international, governmental and private companies committed to the environment, in which they were able to offer state-of-the-art solutions and technologies for industry, commerce and natural persons, who opted for a change in patterns Of consumption interested in energy saving and development of technologies friendly to communities and society in general.

During the World Congress on Green Citizens, the participants discussed for two days the sustainability of the Planet, the life of Human Beings and the proposal of Venezuela for COP21, from the perspective of academics, entrepreneurs, scientists, students, authorities and people In general, without distinction of race, creed or nationality. A debate on the present and future of our Mother Earth and the relationship between civilization and sustainable development in the centuries to come.

The event in general, I present an excellent cultural contribution based on the ecological and environmental. The Symphony Orchestra of Carabobo, presented the Hymn to the World Expo and the anthem to Ecovision, authorship and musical composition of Maestro Calabrese, eminence of music in Carabobo. Actors and Actresses, offered their talents with the staging of their excellent plays, dances and music in general supporting the ecology. He closed the Accordion Symphony Orchestra, with a spectacular set of Venezuelan pieces, and was his contribution to ecology.

At the end of the week of the EXPO MUNDIAL VENEZUELA SUSTAINABLE and THE WORLD CONGRESS OF GREEN CITIZENSHIP, the exhibiting companies with the GREEN SEAL “Committed to the Environment” were distinguished for their contribution to the Environmental Equilibrium in the planet.

The Population of the Central Region of the Country and Venezuela in general, were able to enjoy and participate in a Great Environmental and Ecological Event for the first time, as was the 1st Edition of the World Sustainable Venezuela 2015 Expo, which was attended by national figures And international, bringing us the latest knowledge and information related to Ecology and Environment.

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