• Fundación Ecológica Carrillo

Created from the sensitivity of the corporate group toward the environment, and the need to promote a change thru education in the attitudes of citizens, to the benefit of the planet.

This sensitivity become a concern, due to the problems that afflict the environment, trying to make a significant contribution through the diffusion of environmentally friendly messages, with the intention of attracting the attention of the people, in order to develop and awaken in them an environmental conscience destined to take a first step towards the preservation of the environment in which the individual develops.

All this leads to the need to act in a much more concrete way, in order to take effective and efficient actions that promote change; That is why the Fundación Ecológica Carrillo proposes through education and alliances, viable alternatives and solutions that produce a change in the behavior of people, by improving the environment.


Calle 8, entre calle 4 y 5. Edif. El Morro. Urb. La Urbina. Caracas 1060-A. Venezuela


+58 (212) 241.15.90 / 243.62.52 / 242.75.02