VideoCam’s Estefanía Carrillo: Blackmagic Design products within reach of Colombian filmmakers

The first day of the tour carried out by VideoCam and Blackmagic Design on Colombia was very successful, since professional producers and filmmakers, as well as Congo Films students, had at hand the Mini URSA Pro 4.6 cameras K and Pocket Cinema 4K, with which they could capture, manipulate their features and feel a complete user experience.   “It’s a truly interactive experience that allowed attendees to take real shots in studio and outdoors to continue with a post-production flow and finish with high-quality content,” said Estefanía Carrillo, VideoCam’s Sales Director.   She added that “everything captured with our cameras was processed through DaVinci Resolve systems. For this, we have the assistance and collaboration of our experts Tor Johansen and Diego Yahma, plus the enormous support of companies such as Congo Films, who have summoned users and lent the locations for these practices. ”   Carrillo commented that the attendees consulted about the characteristics of the cameras and verified their versatility, based on their performance, quality and cost-value.   “We had professionals who can use this type of cameras for both commercial production and documentaries. The comments common denominator was that from final product quality perspective, there is no greater difference with similar products from other brands, which cost more, “she concluded.