Jhonny Altuve of Proyectos Civiles: Photovoltaic energy is an alternative for remote transmission stations

Thanks to increased awareness, knowledge and technological improvements associated with cost reduction, solar energy has become the emblem of renewable energy.

Proyectos Civiles, a Carrillo Group company, opted for an ambitious project that seeks to offer the installation of photovoltaic power plants in the transmission and retransmission stations of telecommunications, in order to guarantee the generation of the energy necessary for its operational self-management.

“We started the installation works of a photovoltaic park at the Ecovision transmission station, a TV channel in the city of Valencia, Venezuela, to demonstrate the feasibility and functionality of using this energy,” explained Jhonny Altuve, Projects Director of Alternative Energies of the company.

He added that “we think that due to its geographical conditions, Latin America is ideal for the use of this resource, taking into account that in many places the lack of infrastructure has made access to traditional electricity distribution very difficult.”

It was reported that to carry out the installation of a photovoltaic plant it is necessary to develop a study focused on three aspects: to calculate the energy requirement that the system must satisfy, to calculate the daily energy needs to be consumed – simulating the solar radiation that is Present in the area – and finally, calculate the power that the station will have.

“We are convinced that the use of alternative energies -particularly the solar- are indispensable for our future and we must begin to implement them immediately,” he concluded.

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